Department of Philosophy

Department of philosophy is one of an excellent learning seat in the higher studies especially for creating and disseminating knowledge in the cognitive field of current Bangladesh. This department provides highest quality learning and committed to maintain teaching environment for greater wellbeing of our students. It produces quality graduates fully equipped to gain personal and professional standards which is targeted to help socio-moral development to the higher stratum in the society.  In fact, the graduates are making significant, sustainable and responsible contribution to the country. The governance is absolutely pro-student but strictly follows rules of the university. Faculty members with their utmost sincerity have been performing their respective duty only to implement the mission of the university. The curriculum and syllabus are designed and updated on regular intervals to cope the socio-moral problem facing in the personal and professional fields. This department strictly follows the schedule of academic road-map. As a result, department of philosophy has always been ready to welcome fresh meritorious students for their choice of learning.      

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