Department of Social Work


Welcome to the Department of Social Work, Jagannath University.  It is an honor, privilege and excitement to serve as Chair of the Department of Social Work. Social work is an enabling and empowering Profession. It seeks to improve the quality of life either at an individual, group, or community levels by intervening through research, policy, community organizing, direct practice, and teaching. The main purpose of this department is to provide trained social workers equipped with the Social Work knowledge and skills to assist Government and private agencies in the development and execution of social welfare programs.

The department has a group of top notch, highly trained, motivated, committed and dedicated faculty members who are constantly trying to improve the academic excellence and finding out the best practice model to address the emerging social problems. Meeting the challenges of world’s complex psycho-social problem we are constantly changing and updating our curricula, maintaining and exchanging views with the academia throughout the globe. At the same time as a change maker we know only theoretical knowledge is not enough that’s why we encourage our students to involve in extracurricular activities. We have a social work association, a debate club, alumni association whereby our students actively engage in the activities that increase their creativity and make the department environment a vibrant.


On behalf of Department of Social Work, I extend my best wishes to all.






Professor Dr. Md. Abul Hossen


Department of Social Work

Jagannath University