Department of Psychology

Message from the Chairman


Greetings from the Department of Psychology, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh!  

We look after the educational needs of around one thousand of Undergraduate students every year. It is my great pleasure to welcome the students of the Department of Psychology and prospective students who are intended to study psychology by choice under four years Undergraduate (BSc Hons.) and one year Graduate program (MSc) in psychology as well as MPhil (Masters of Philosophy) and PhD Program in different specialised areas of psychology. Th


e Department of Psychology has very clear objective to prepare its graduate with excellent professional knowledge along with high standard of research expertise in several branches of knowledge in psychology.

I would like to tell you about the Undergraduate (BSc Hons.) and one year Graduate program (MSc) in Psychology, but there’s lots to say about those on other web pages. I could tell you about how highly our programs rank nationally, but I’ll just say that overall we are may be the highest-ranked department at Jagannath University.

The department of psychology, Jagannath University currently having a total of 21 distinguished faculty members including 02 Professor, 01 Associate Professor, 15 Assistant Professor, and 03 Lecturer in which three (3) of them are perusing for their PhD degree in Psychology in Germany, Belgium and USA under different fellowship scheme. 

Another way in which our Department of Psychology is exceptionally diverse is that we have substantial programs of scholarship, such as Master’s in Clinical and Counselling Psychology, Master’s in Organizational and Management Psychology, and Master’s in Educational and Developmental Psychology under extensive supervision and hospital /industrial based internship program in behavioural sciences.

The department of psychology, JnU had opportunity to implement the HEQEP (Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project) Sub-Project under first round (2011-2012) of Academic Innovation Fund (AIF, IDA Fund/World Bank) to strengthen the capacity of Teaching Learning Activities of Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Psychology. The faculty members of the department is also have several ongoing research project from different Government and learned bodies, such as- UGC, MOST, MOE, SSRC, and World Bank etc. 

The department of Psychology, JnU has already established different collaborative activities with few universities and institutions in different capacities. Let me close by saying that our Department is energized and growing- expanding our majors, improving our space, increasing our alumni involvement, and stretching our intellectual reach.


Professor Dr. Asoke Kumar Saha                                                                                                                                                           
(PhD, Allahabad University, India)
Department of Psychology
Jagannath University, Dhaka, BANGLADESH
Cell phone: +881726028112