Department of Law

Professor Dr. Sarkar Ali Akkas

Chairman, Department of Law


Dean, Faculty of Law


Welcome to the Department of Law, one of the leading and renowned Departments of Jagannath University.

As the founding chairperson of the Department, I feel delighted to see the growing horizon of accomplishments and successes of our law graduates. With the help of a dedicated and energetic cohort of faculty members, our Department strives to facilitate teaching and research with a practical focus aspiring to create best legal minds for the opportunities of the future. Our curriculum aims at providing a rounded legal education and a new way of thinking that you can apply to almost any field or endeavour. In response to the changing pattern of modern legal education encapsulating new perspectives on rule of law, justice, conflict resolution and problem-solving, the Department offers various avenues for the students to stretch wings further and compete at a global standard. At the same time, we emphasize to inculcate in our students the social values of law and their corresponding duty to facilitate access to justice by the poor and marginalized sections of people of our society. Our Department is widely acclaimed for successfully maintaining an uninterrupted academic pace devoid of session jam and unwanted academic hazards. In a very short time, our graduates have been able to successfully set their career footprints in diverse fields, including academia, judiciary, law practice, public services etc. Our students’ participation in extra-curricular activities and their achievements at various levels made us a role model at Jagannath University.