Department of Law


                                  JAGANNATH UNIVERSITY, DHAKA

                                      Department of Law( 9th Batch)

                                        Academic Calendar: 2016-2017

                                               Session: 2016-2017

                                   LLB (Hons) First Year First  Semester


Commencement of Classes



Midterm Examination- I

From 19-02-2017 to 23-02-2017


Midterm Examination- II

From 19-03-2017 to 23-03-2017


Date of Closing Classes



Preparation for Semester Final Examination


From 16-04-2017 to 30-04-2017

Semester Final Examination


From 01-05-25017 to 11-05-2017

Probable Date for Publication of Result




(Professor Dr Sarkar Ali Akkas)


Department of Law

Jagannath University,Dhaka.