Department of English

Message from the Chair

Professor Dr. Md. Abu Zafor

Welcome to the Department of English! I am much delighted to claim that the Department of English at the Jagannath Univesristy provides an excellent opportunity for the students to study English language and literature. The Department bears its proud heritage of running the Honours and Masters programmes in English since 1910. However, it gained a more prestigious status and autonomy when the then Jagannath College turned a public university under the Jagannath University Act 2005. Today the department tries hard to maintain a world-class standard in order to equip its graduates with such knowledge and skill so as to meet the needs of a globalized world. With this end in view the department seeks to develop its educational curricula continuously and tirelessly to keep abreast the latest developments in all its aspects and tracks in the specialization qualitatively and quantitatively. Currently the BA Honours syllabus incorporates a wide variety of courses along with its core courses. In order to make the MA program more specialized two streams– “ELT and Applied Linguistics” and “Literature and Cultural Studies”– have been introduced. Now in both the Honours and MA programs the brighter students have scopes to carry out research projects of their interest. From the session 2012-13 the department has introduced the M. Phil and PhD programs. Currently ten M. Phil Fellows are conducting researches under the scholarly supervision of a Professor and four Associate Professors in the department. I am highly pleased that the department is now sufficiently strengthened with its twenty two teachers who have a very bright academic background and who are continuously publishing papers in standard journals at home and abroad. I am also pleased that the department currently has strength of about 600 students who are very enthusiastic in their academic study and co-curricular activities.  Finally, I thank and appreciate the university authority, my colleagues, the alumni and others who are always contributing towards fulfilling the department’s mission and vision.