Department of Mass Communication and Journalism

Department of Mass Communication and Journalism

The Department of Mass Communication and Journalism is an effervescent, energetic and growing place to build up the students with skills, aesthetic sensitivity and knowledge of outer world and to give a thorough understanding of the media and society.

The department started its journey with 4 year Honors Programme under the faculty of Social Sciences since 4th March, 2009. The Department is on the move and growing with increasing enrollment of students every academic year. Now, there are about 250 students in different batches. In June 2013, the Department has launched the Masters program.


The Department is privileged to have a fine team of highly qualified and experience faculty members to carry out the academic objectives. The Department also immensely benefits from the academic service of eminent journalists and technical assistants.


With a critical thinking, the curriculum is designed to introduce the students to the wide range of Communication and Journalism. Special attentions have been given to theory and philosophy of communication; relationships among media, society, politics and culture; media research; communication and information technology; media laws and ethics; media advocacy and so on. There are also some specializations on development communication and journalism; environment journalism; business journalism; online journalism etc.

Some professional and creative courses like TV & film production and appreciation; advertising; script writing, desktop publishing are also included. In addition to class room teaching, the Department will offer three months internship program, organizes study tours, seminars, visit to media houses and so on. Distinguished Speakers are also invited to speak on topics of current media interest.


The department of Mass Communication and Journalism is dedicated to create a generation of media experts, professionals and scholars who are distinct in their vision to bring a new wave in media industry. The department strives for excellence in media education, training and research. Our graduates will be equipped with academic and professional excellence to keep contribution in building knowledge based information society, citizen empowerment and participatory democracy. Besides, the department will formulate a research agenda that would cover communication and media studies and relevant media issues by its undergraduate and graduate students along with the faculty members.



The mission of the department is to provide students a versatile and marketable curriculum. The department will prepare students for the media world of today and tomorrow through core and cluster courses. One of its core missions is to facilitate the development of communication students, educators and scholars and guide them in developing the requisite leadership and mass communication skills. To stimulate intellectual curiosity, imagination, rational thinking, thoughtful expression, and independent learning among students are other missions of the department.



The goals of the department are as follows:

1.To develop graduates in both academic knowledge and professional skill for competing in vibrant communication and media industry.

2. To make capability among students for critical thinking, creativity, and judgement for the betterment of the society.

3. To create high sense of morality, skill and insight among graduates.

4. To develop understanding among the students about current tools and technologies related to communication professions in which they will work...