Department of Mass Communication and Journalism

Welcome to the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at the Jagannath University, Bangladesh. It is an honor to serve as a faculty member and as the Chairperson of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, in which I joined in January 2017. The Department has always played a critical role within the University and the nation Bangladesh. The Department has provided a unique contribution to the world of higher education. Our faculty members are devoted to quality teaching and contribution in academia. I am so impressed with the quality and scholarly contribution that fascinates me and this is why I chose to join this Department. I must say that I am fascinated with their scholarly contribution and appreciate their commitment to excellence in research and teaching, which is badly needed for excellence in academia. The Department started in 2009 and thus, we may have some limitations in terms of logistic support but, yet, again, I must say that our faculty members are working hard without compromising with the quality.

I am impressed not only with the quality of my faculty members but also with our students. As Chairperson, I am supported, inspired and favored to work smoothly by my colleagues. They prepare our students to pursue their professional careers and become productive citizens that gradually help the nation Bangladesh to enrich through knowledge, experience and activities. Currently, our students are working in various public and private sectors including many media houses. I would say our students are productive citizens and so successful in their professional career.

We offer BSS (Honors) and MSS, which help our student to prepare for the job market and many of our courses designed to prepare our student not only for the job market but also for the society as a good citizens in the world. Since 2017, we offer opportunity for higher education— Doctoral and Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) courses, which is designed to produce and promote excellence in research. Our Department has been recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in research and teaching. Our faculties are contributing in international platform in academia. We are committed to developing people’s skills and abilities to take leadership positions in their communities.

Overall, I must say I am excited and passing very excited moment to be the Chairperson of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at the Jagannath University. We are committed in quality services that includes innovation in research, teaching, and service to create a vibrant community of faculty, students.  

I thanks very much to all!

Dr. Shah Nister Kabir