Department of Accounting & Information System

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program

The BBA in Department of Accounting & Information Systems is a prestigious program which has been offered Jagannath University since 2005-2006 academic sessions. The BBA degree is offered to provide students with an understanding of the functioning of business from a theoretical, practical and managerial perspective. It is an internationally recognized qualification for grooming professionals, business executives, entrepreneurs and academics in the relevant area seeking to expand their intellectual horizon and improve their management skills and competence. The program is rigorous, with an emphasis on practical applications and skills for immediate use, which offers students a comprehensive education with in-depth knowledge in all major facts of business. The program not only provides students with tools for success in many career paths but also fosters and awareness of social and ethical issues. The program focuses on the latest development of business world and the curriculum is update on a regular basis. The classes are not limited to in-class lectures only but also incorporate an array of teaching tools like case analysis, audio-visual presentations, field work and research. The course is enriched by interaction with experienced professionals of business world through which students get the real world flavor of business practices.