Department of Public Administration


1st Year 1st  Semester

PAD 1101

Introduction to Public Administration


Introduction to Politics and Government

PAD 1103

Fundamental of Economics

PAD 1104

Fundamentals of Sociology

1st Year 2nd  Semester


Public Administration in Bangladesh

PAD 1202

Principals of Management

PAD 1203

Computer Application and Information Management


Basic English Language and Writing Skills



2nd Year 1st Semester

PAD 2101

Local Governance in Bangladesh

PAD 2102

Financial Administration

PAD 2103

Sociology of Administration

PAD 2104

Introduction to Political Economy

2nd Year 2nd Semester

PAD 2201

Urban Governance in Bangladesh

PAD 2202

Rural Development in Bangladesh

PAD 2203

Research Methodology

PAD 2204

Human Resource Management

PAD 2205


3rd Year 1st Semester

PAD 3101

Project Management

PAD 3102

Administrative Law in Bangladesh

PAD 3103

System Analysis and Organization Development

PAD 3104

Quantitative Research in Public Administration

3rd Year 2nd Semester

PAD 3201

Politics and Government in Bangladesh

PAD 3202

Management of Non-Governmental Organizations

PAD 3203

Governance & Globalization

PAD 3204

Social Change & Development

PAD 3205


4th Year 1st Semester

PAD 4101

Performance  Management

PAD 4102

New Public Management: Theory and Practice

PAD 4103:

Gender & Development

PAD 4104:

Environmental Management in Bangladesh

4th Year 2nd Semester

PAD 4201

Organizational Behaviour

PAD 4102

Governance Issues and Problems in Bangladesh

PAD 4203

Introduction to Policy Analysis

PAD 4204

Public Private Partnerships

PAD 4205